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About What I Do

Showcasing your best in a nurturing environment

I serve the Calgary area for:

Self tapes, audition prep, singing lessons, one on one acting lessons, performance videos and vocal recordings. 

In my brand new state of the art studio, I can help you in your next self tape to be seen for who you are. Too many times I've seen talented artists get passed over within a few seconds of the viewing of their performance video because it looked unprofessional! Poor lighting is a distraction. Bad sound quality is a distraction, poor framing is a distraction. All of these distractions divert the attention of the viewer from seeing the real artist and their unique talents. I'm here to not only help artists put together their very own professional looking video, but to remove these distractions and let the viewer see you, your BEST you. 

I have almost 20 years of experience singing and performing as an actor. I love helping actors with their self tapes but I also provide lessons in singing, acting, and coaching to help you prepare for your next big audition or just for the love of performance art! 

A little about me: 

My name is Selena Fisher. I am American, I grew up in Iowa, studied for a BFA in musical theatre performance in St Louis, went on tour in the Southern US before I became a lead singer aboard Holland America Line cruise ships throughout my 20's. Now my Canadian husband, 2 adorable boys and I live in Calgary. When I'm not doing the mom thing I am a jazz/musical theatre singer, actor, director and music director in Calgary.

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