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Self Tapes

In need of a self tape for a film/tv/theatre audition? In need of a reader as well? Maybe want a little coaching? In my studio I have top notch lighting equipment, sound, and backdrops in a sound proof and cozy studio space. I film and edit your self tape to make you look and sound and perform your best! Together we work to get your most natural self seen and showcase your talents! 


Voice Lessons

For each 45 minute session we will do vocal warmups and work on whatever piece you want to work on! My specialty is musical theatre and jazz singing but I am experienced with all styles of music and can even help you find the perfect backing track for audition materials (or just for fun)! 


Acting Coaching & Audition Prep

Sign up for regular lessons with me to prepare for that upcoming audition or simply to get your performance to that next level! I love to help others grow into talents they didn't know they had, opening doors to roles they wouldn't consider in the past. I can help you gain confidence in your performance and have fun doing it! *In person or via zoom*

Demo Reels

Every performer needs a good, clean and professional looking demo reel! If you've got footage of past work I can splice it all together to catch the eye of the next casting person. Or alternatively, if you don't have much experience on camera, that's ok! I can find you the perfect scenes to work on and film in our studio and put it together to submit to agencies to represent you! A demo must move along and keep the audience engaged. It also needs to represent your talent the best way possible.

Zoom Reader

In need of a reader last minute but don’t have someone?? Can’t make it in to my studio for an in person session? Through Zoom I can be your reader as well as give you tips on how to enhance your performance. Casting directors always emphasize how important it is to have a fellow actor be your reader. Let me be your fellow actor! :)


I also offer headshots at an extremely competitive price! I am honestly not a professional photographer but if you are in need of new headshots AND don't want to break the bank, I can get you that glorious headshot you're looking for!

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